Wheel Alignment

Proper Alignment, Better Fuel Economy

At Gary’s Automotive we recommend having your car’s wheel alignment checked every 2 years, It does not take much to cause a wheel to go out of alignment, a pot hole in the road, or bumping a curb.

Make sure your wheels are in alignment and the tire pressures set properly. This insures reduced tire wear, safe smooth driving and also reduces drag. The drag would cause a decrease in fuel mileage.

Some cars now days require a 4 wheel alignment.

How Do Alignments Work?

Here is a little information to help you understand more about alignments:

  • Camber is the vertical axis of the wheel. In other words it is the amount that the wheel leans in or out. (positive or negative camber).
  • Caster is the vertical angle of the suspension pivot point, In other words it is the amount that the wheel leans forward or backward. (negative and positive caster).
  • Toe in is also measured in degrees. It is the amount of degrees that the wheel is angled in or out. (positive or negative toe).

Even though at Gary’s Automotive we do not do wheel alignments, we feel it is very important part of maintaining your vehicle.


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