Warm weather auto maintenance tips

Summer Car Maintenance
Warm weather auto maintenance tips

Can you imagine how it would feel if you had to run for 5 miles without a drop of That’s what your car feels without an adequate amount of coolant Check the coolant levels at the beginning of summer and also when you set out for a long drive to the beach You don’t want a tête-à-tête with the serviceman instead of that gorgeous lifeguard, do you?

Air Conditioning
Air-conditioning pipes and fans can malfunction and cause the car to heat up If your has been taking it easy all winter, get it serviced before you switch it on Avoid having to drive in the sun by taking preventive measures

Tire Check
Hot asphalt can cause more flat in summerExcess pressure can also build up, due to expanding Check the tire and tire pressure thoroughly Make sure you have a spare in place at all times Get the spare repaired if need be, and always ensure that the spare isn’t flat

24 Protect Plus knows that the winter months result in higher corrosion for all and accessories, including the battery Before starting off for a beach in summer, get your battery cleaned and tested Get the battery cables and points checked by an expert Ensure that distilled water is filled in completely

Light Bulbs
Long drives toward vacation points are common in summer Be prepared for night travel, too Change any headlights that aren’t working Clean the headlight lenses to ensure optimum nighttime visibility Ensure That You Care for Your Car Adequately so She Can Return the Favor with a Smooth Ride Follow These Tips from 24 Protect Plus to Remain Tension-Free


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