Tune Up

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Tune Up

It is recommended that you have your vehicle checked every 30,000 miles for a tune up. A vehicle that is in need of a tune up may have decreases in its fuel economy, may experience a loss of power, may idle rough, and may be stalling at stops.

After awhile normal wear and tear causes fluids to leak and gases that pollute the air. If you suspect your vehicle may be in need of a tune up, bring it by the shop, we will be happy to look it over for you and answer all of your questions. Keeping up with your car and making sure its in top shape is the best way to prevent a pricey emergency repair.

A standard tune up check includes checking the conditions of the:

  • spark plugs
  • spark plug wires
  • cap
  • rotor
  • filters

Our Auto Technicians we will also include a check of the vehicle’s:

  • fuel system
  • belts
  • hoses
  • battery
  • battery connectors
  • fluids
  • all of the adjustments

A regular, routine tune up is a great way to keep your vehicle dependable and efficient, so make it a number one priority to keep your vehicle running at its best. We guarantee that you will see a significant difference in the amount of money you spend on your car. You’ll also notice that its not very often your car is in the shop, that means you’ve been treating it well, kudos for being responsible for your vehicle, and as an extra bonus, that billfold of yours will be feeling a bit more bulky! So you might be able to say that you are getting paid to routinely tune up your car.


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