Gas Cap

Overlooked & Very Important Functions of the Gas Cap

Are you aware of the many different and important functions your car’s gas cap does for you? Keep reading to learn more

A gas/fuel cap preforms three very important functions

1. safety of the vehicle’s occupants
2. fuel economy
3. reduces emissions.

Keeping a properly fitted gas tank cap keeps you and your loved ones safe while reducing fuel emissions into the air


Most people don’t realize how important these little pieces of vehicles really are, especially in the war on rising gas prices. Besides the safety concern of gasoline free flowing out of a recently filled gas tank, gas caps can save a car owner a lot of money in fuel expenses if they are properly used and then properly replaced when the cap becomes worn out. This often forgotten and neglected part of a car’s fuel system is a feature that can help spike the emissions of a car, which has a negative effect on the performance of the car. You should hear a hiss when you loosen the gas cap. That means that it is fitting well, it hasn’t warped, and it is adequately sealing the tank.

Fuel Efficient

Gas caps are incredibly fuel efficient. They eliminate fumes and gas evaporation from escaping the gas tank and polluting the air. Gas tank caps also help protect the fuel system of the vehicle. They stop water from damaging parts of the fuel system, they stop dirt and other contaminants from getting into the precision systems that make up a car’s vital performance.

Replacing a Gas Cap

If you discover that your car’s gas cap needs to be replaced, check in your car’s owner manual for the correct sized cap. You can make a quick call to your local auto parts store, this will be beneficial in the quest of replacing the missing or broken gas cap, or you can even call the dealership. They will know what model and size gas cap you need for your car and probably have it in stock or they can order it for you.

All in the details

Every little detail that can make the hit at the gas pumps a little less painful is something that should be pursued. While under-appreciated and often forgotten, a properly fitted gas tank cap will make a substantial difference in maintaining fuel efficiency. Check the gas cap and how it fits the next time you fill up the tank. Did you hear the hiss? After filling up, did you put the gas cap back on? It doesn’t take long to take care of this tiny detail.


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