Engine Light

Your Vehicle’s Communication System

What is a check engine light, what does check engine light mean? Your vehicles computer constantly monitors your vehicles fuel system, ignition system and emissions system, if the computer finds a problem it will turn on the check engine/service engine soon light and store a trouble code to help an automotive technician identify the problem.

Many Shapes and Sizes

A check engine light can appear in many different forms, check engine, service engine soon, check powertrain, or sometimes picture of an engine, the light will almost always be yellow. If your check engine/service engine soon light goes on while driving down the road, it does not mean you have to pull over, the light is designed to let you know that the computer has detected a problem that may affect fuel mileage or damage expensive components. You should have the check engine/ service engine soon light checked as soon as possible.

Light Turned On? Here’s what to do..

When a check engine/service engine soon light goes on check your gauges/warning lights for a serious problem if there is an indication of low oil pressure or overheating then you should pull over and turn off the car.One of the most common causes of a check engine/service engine soon light is a loose fuel cap or a cracked fuel cap seal, if you find either of these problems, remember after you tighten or replace fuel cap it may take 2-3 days of driving for the computer to retest the fuel evap system and turn off the light.A illuminated check engine/service engine soon light will cause your vehicle to fail a smog test.


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