Oil Change

Oil Change

Your vehicle’s manual will let you know when to change the oil. Changing your car’s oil regularly saves you money on repairs in the long run

When to do an Oil Change

Most vehicles manufactures recommend an oil and filter replacement every 3 months or 3000 miles. Some manufactures recommend an oil change for every 7500 miles, most manufactures that are recommending every 7000 miles are using, or recommend using, a synthetic blend of oil, or using an additive to upgrade regular oils.

Regular Oil Change

An oil change is the reason we are seeing such high miles on today’s vehicles. It will also save you money in the long run by reducing the cost of engine repairs. Having new oil in your motor will keep the wear and tear down on the motor, old oil gets thick and stops lubing the motor correctly.

Bring in your vehicle

The next time you need your vehicle’s oil changed, give us a call at 530-342-5782. We will be glad to renew your motor oil. We will even discard of your used motor oil the best way to keep it from polluting the environment. Know how to change your own oil? That’s great! Be sure to dispose of your used motor oil that’s the safest for our environment which is taking it to a used oil recycling center. Of course, you can always bring in your used oil to us here at Gary’s Automotive, and we can dispose of it properly as well.

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