Brake Repair

Brake Repair

Brake Problems

Brake problems vary greatly. If your car is experiencing brake problems, or may be in need of possible brake repair, bring in your vehicle, or contact us. We will be glad to look it over and let you know what we find and how we will fix it for you. You may, however, be able to narrow down some of the possible problems yourself.

Troubleshooting Your Brakes

Step off the brakes, with the car’s engine turned off. A soft or mushy brake pedal indicates that you may be low on brake fluid or may need to have the brakes bled. If it is safe, drive the car at a low speed, braking as needed. You may need new brake pads or to clean the brakes, if they squeal. If the brakes pull the car to one side, you may need to adjust the brake’s clearance, or you may have to replace the pads or rotors.

You may have insufficient hydraulic pressure in one part of the brake system. Begin driving forward slowly. If the brakes bind or drag, it may be due to grease on the pads or scored rotors. Visit a mechanic if you do not know how to fix brakes. Describe the car’s performance to the mechanic in as much detail as you can. Check the brake fluid regularly. If you have determined that your brakes are bad, avoid driving the car until they are fixed. Computerized brakes, which are standard in many cars, need to be fixed by a mechanic.

Inspect for Needed Brake Repair

Each time you rotate your tires. A comprehensive brake inspection will include checking all hydraulic units including, master cylinder, calipers, wheel cylinders, lines and hoses. Brake fluid should be checked for condition and if contaminated the system should be flushed and bled. Rotors and drums should be checked for thickness and damage whenever the lining and hardware are examined. A before and after test drive for brake operation is always in order.

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