Don’t slip up — Just Flush it!

90% of all transmission failure and problems are directly linked back to contaminated or old filthy fluid. Don’t slip up and end up with a transmission that slips, won’t shift properly, hesitates or growls at you with strange noises and grinding. Transmission repairs are one of the absolutely most expensive repairs that you can have done to your car.
That is why the experts at Gary’s Automotive Service in Chico, California are trained to do everything they can to help you mitigate the needs and costs of expensive repairs. Right up near the top of that list is 1st changing and/or flushing out our transmission system on a regularly scheduled maintenance schedule. Or at the first signs of trouble. Hesitation, grinding, shifting delays or any sense of slipping the first and best response is see David the owner at Garys Automotive Services in Chico and see if a fluid flush or change is right for you…

Transmission Flush vs. Change

flush uses a professional grade machine to completely flush all the transmission fluid from your vehicle and remove some grime and contaminants from the torque converter and cooler lines to prevent them from causing transmission problems. This process involves running a special solution through the lines until they come out completely clean and then fills up the system with new fluid.

fluid change on the other hand simply drains it using natural gravitational forces. Not all the fluid in the system is drained using this method and it does not flush out contaminants. Most say it only drains between 20%-40% of the total volume. The expert’s at Gary’s in Chico, CA are trained to help change as much of the fluid as possible. However, sometimes you need to really look at a total flush of the system.
Don’t’ flush you money and let it slip through your hands. Let Gary’s help you keep it in your wallet and protect your most vital investment — You car, truck or SUV.