Preventative Auto Maintenance

Preventative Auto Maintenance

Your car is your second most important investment and it works hard! It runs you and your family to work, school, activities, shopping and so much more. Most people can’t afford the lost time or major expense if your car breaks down. Doing preventative auto maintenance is important to your car or auto. Report after report shows that a properly maintained vehicle lasts longer and is much safer, dependable, and enjoyable. To avoid expensive repairs there are steps you can take that protect your wallet and your investment.

Let Us Handle Preventative Auto Maintenance

At Gary’s Automotive Service in Chico, California you can depend on their professionally trained technicians to help you repair and service your car in the most professional, timely, and economical way possible. We will help you keep your car running at peak performance and prolong its life and resale value. We can even help you with reminders when it is time for your next factory recommended maintenance scheduled service.
The cost of not keeping your car properly maintained can be catastrophic. Higher accident rates, difficulties getting everyone to work and school on time, not to mention repair bills or total car replacement that could have been avoided completely or at least delayed.

Hi, I am David Sherrill, owner of Gary’s Automotive Service, here in Chico, California, and I am proud to say that our main technicians have over 23 years experience working just for our shop. When you call you won’t get a service underwriter or a receptionist that is either pushing to maximize commissions or has no clue what you might need or how to help you. At Gary’s Automotive Services, I, David Sherrill personally answer over 90% of the phone calls. We take your needs seriously, and fight to keep your respect and loyalty for years to come. Call me personally and let’s discuss any breakdowns, or car repairs that you may need performed fast, economically, and professionally. Better yet! Call me today and let’s schedule your vehicle for a preventative auto maintenance checkup and get you started on proper preventative car, truck and auto maintenance.

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