Brake pads come with a built in alarm system that literally tell you when you are down to your last 10% or less of usable brake pads.

Ignoring the screeching noises when you hit the brakes can affect not only safety — but also your purse or pocketbook.



It is the returning screeching or squealing noise that goes away when you release the brake pedal that is your friend and tells you it is time to get in and let the team at Gary’s Automotive service in Chico, Ca. get you safe before damage is done and costs sky rocket.  If the noise doesn’t stop after you let off the brakes OR if you hear a grumbling or grinding sound while braking then it’s time to replace your brake pads and possibly your rotors, too.”  So acting sooner saves a lot of money. Those of us that have had brake failure and struggled to get a car to stop can tell you it is frightening and dangerous. So, the early light squawking and squealing is really your buddy saying. “Hey lets plan soon to get me fixed”.


Here is what is going on behind the noise… when the pads wear thin, it causes a metal-on-metal scraping as the caliper rubs against the rotor. Worn rotors may cause the steering wheel to vibrate or there may be a pulsing sensation while braking, David Sherrill the owner of Gary’s Automotive Services says, “Failure to deal with the issue can cause either or both of the rotors or caliper to get damaged.” Rotors can be turned (having a lathe smooth the surface) in some cases and reduces some costs. However, a bad caliper or rotor replacement can be tricky and expensive. However, Brake failure is nothing to mess with. So David says, ” Get “r” done early and save your money.  We want your business and we want you safe. But, most importantly we want your business for years and years to come. So, our seasoned expert staff want to do everything that we can to help hold down costly repairs through well thought out and proper service, maintenance and routine repairs like brake pads. See you soon!