Ask your kids if its fun to ride in your old car because it bounces and bounces and bounces or maybe even sways or wiggle and jiggles as you go around curves. If they are really lucky then your car might even have some hard bounces and clanking going on as you go over bumps. Sounds like fun huh?  NOPE!

bouncy car

According to David Sherrill the owner of Gary’s Automotive service in Chico, Ca. Worn, weak shocks and struts can be extremely dangerous and can even make stopping take more distance.  In an emergency avoidance situation you are much more likely to lose control and get into an accident if your shocks and especially your struts or springs are weak and worn.


You never want to risk it. Most manufacturers will tell you on average 50,000 miles and your shocks and struts are dog tired and may need to be replaced. Now, to know for sure… you can try things like the bounce test by jumping up and down on all 4 corners of your car. But, that will only tell you when it is way beyond normal replacement time and if not done correctly you may still not have a clue.




The experts at Gary’s Automotive Service take pride in the experience knowing how to very carefully and accurately gauge if you need to replace any of your suspension system components or parts. So even though the kids might like a little wiggle and bounce. Your mama and owner David Sherrill will tell you to protect those babies and get your suspension system checked and serviced today. Plus a glide in your ride is much more fine.