Why You Should Perform A Fuel Injection Service

Since you purchased your new vehicle, dirt, varnishes and carbon deposits have been forming in the fuel injection system, on the intake valves and in the combustion areas. These build-ups can rob your car of performance, and if left untreated, these build-ups may lead to costly engine repairs.

A properly maintained vehicle will operate more efficiently, be more dependable, last longer, and ensure a safer ride for you and your family. Your owner’s manual gives detailed maintenance schedules that should be performed on all your vehicle’s components and systems.


Symptoms related to carbon build-up are:

  • engine pinging
  • hesitation
  • poor acceleration
  • lack of power
  • repeated stalling or poor performance when cold
  • rough idle
  • and poor fuel economy

A Fuel Carbon Cleaning System from Gary’s Automotive Service is a revolutionary new process that will clean your vehicle’s fuel system, including injectors, and remove harmful carbon deposits. Our owner David Sherrill says the  system utilizes a unique cleaning solutions that will not damage your vehicle’s sophisticated engine components.

After our Fuel Carbon Cleaning System cleans your engine, you will notice improved performance, acceleration and increased fuel economy. Make an appointment today! Take care of your vehicle, and your vehicle will take care of you.

Fuel Injection Service Includes

  1. Clean fuel injectors.
  2. Clean ISC/ASC motor, as required.
  3. Clean throttle body air intake.
  4. Visually inspect fuel lines and fuel rail.
  5. Pressure test fuel pump.
  6. Test and visually inspect fuel pump, pressure regulator, vacuum line and connections.
  7. Decarbonize intake manifold.
  8. Decarbonize intake and exhaust valves.
  9. Decarbonize combustion chamber and pistons.
  10. Test exhaust emission.

The benefits of Fuel-Injection Service

  • Saves you money – improves fuel mileage and heads off costly repairs.
  • Reduces the risk of breakdowns.
  • Contributes to the overall performance of your vehicle.
  • Reduces air pollution.
  • Increases safety and dependability.
  • Prevents you from voiding your warranty.